Important Forms Information

If you would like to download or print a PDF version of a form, click on the form number in the table below. This page lists only the most recent version of a tax form. If you are looking for prior-year forms or forms for a certain tax type, visit the Forms by Tax Type page, then select the type of tax for form you are seeking.

Forms published in 2021 onward are fillable and savable (except the instruction booklets). Make sure you protect your personally identifiable information (PII). Do not save completed tax forms on a public device (e.g. at the library, school computer lab, shared work computer, etc.). For more information on identity theft prevention, visit the Fraud Prevention web page.

Forms published in 2020 and prior are fillable, but not savable. They must be printed prior to closing the document, because changes will not be saved in the PDF.

Discontinued forms: DR 0100A, DR 8453, DR 8453C, DR 8453F, DR 8543P.

Forms Requests 

To request a form be sent to you via email or USPS standard mail, please email your request to Please be sure to specify whether you would like a digital copy or mailed copy of the form. Please allow 4-6 weeks to receive the requested form. Please note that the Department can no longer send forms or booklets in bulk. 

Forms Listed in Number Order