Please remember that you must claim the state sales tax refund (TABOR refund) when filing your state income tax return. If you claimed a 2023 refund, the TABOR refund will be combined and issued out with your refund. Unlike the 2022 Colorado cashback, no separate check will be issued. 


DR 0106 Booklet - Partnership or S Corporation Tax Filing Booklet


Colorado Partnerships and S corporations and Composite Filing for Nonresidents Income Tax Filing Guide. This book includes:

  • DR 0106 - 2022 Colorado Partnership and S Corporation and Composite Nonresident Income Tax Form
  • DR 0107 - 2022 Colorado Nonresident Partner or Shareholder Agreement
  • DR 0108 - 2022 Statement of Colorado Tax Remittance for Nonresident Partner or Shareholder
  • DR 0158-N - Automatic Filing Extension for Composite Nonresident Income Tax Return
  • DR 0106CR - 2022 Colorado Pass-Through Entity Credit Schedule
  • DR 0106K - 2022 Colorado K-1