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International Fuel Tax Agreement | Forms & Rate Tables

Filing Forms

DR 0122 (2017-2020) - International Fuel Tax Agreement Tax Report
DR 0122 (2021 and later)  - International Fuel Tax Agreement Tax Report
DR 0125 - Renewal Application for International Fuel Tax Agreement License
DR 0300 - Colorado Mileage and Fuel Tax Bond
DR 0734 - Monthly Fleet Mileage and Fuel Summary
DR 0735 - Individual Vehicle Distance Record and Fuel Report
DR 7053 - Request for Replacement IFTA Decals
DR 7119 - IFTA Registration Application
DR 7511 - IFTA Lease Agreement Certificate

Quarterly Rate Tables


Second Quarter 2022
First Quarter 2022



Helpful Forms

DR 0145 - Tax Information Designation and Power of Attorney for Representation
DR 1102 - Address or Name Change Form
DR 1108 - Business Tax Account Closure Form
DR 5714 - Request for Copy of Tax Returns
DR 5782 - Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Program Information
DR 5785 - Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Account Setup for Tax Payments
Fillable PDFs are made available for your convenience and must be printed prior to closing the document, as changes will not be saved. This page lists the most current version of each form. If you are looking for a prior version, please email