International Fuel Tax Agreement | Tax Account Maintenance

Address Changes

Address changes may be submitted via Revenue Online. If you are unable to access Revenue Online, you may request an address change for your IFTA account with the Address Change Form (DR 1102).

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How to Close Your Account

Submit a completed Business Account Closure Form (DR 1108) as an attachment to a secure web message in your Revenue Online account or send your completed DR 1108 via mail to the following address: 

Colorado Department of Revenue
Fuel Tax Unit
P.O. Box 17087
Denver, CO 80217-0087

Once your account closure request is processed, you will receive an acknowledgment letter with confirmation of the last required filing period. A return must be filed for the quarter in which the account closure request, license, and decals were received. The account closure will be effective at the end of the quarter in which these items are received.

If the IFTA license and decals are not returned with your account closure request, the account will be closed effective December 31st of that year and you will be responsible for reporting all tax quarters through the end of the year.

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License Cancellation

Motor carriers that do not report interstate activity (travel outside Colorado) will be automatically canceled and notified by letter. The Colorado IFTA program is not a “just in case” program. Only motor carriers that travel out of state qualify to have an IFTA account.

IFTA licenses will be canceled upon a written request by the licensee. All reporting and payment requirements will be required to be completed to close the account in good standing. License cancellation requests can be sent to any of the Fuel Tax Unit Contacts. The account name and IFTA account number must be included. You will be required to return or destroy your original IFTA license and all decals issued. 

Returns are required to be filed through the end of the current reporting period at the time of your cancellation request, even if you did not travel during the period(s). For example, if you ask us to cancel your IFTA license on May 5, you are required to file all previous returns not already filed, as well as the return for the current period ending June 30.

If your license is canceled, you generally must retain records of your fuel purchases and usage for four years after the due date of your final IFTA tax return. A final audit may be conducted after the cancellation of your license.

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License Reinstatement

The Fuel Tax Unit will reinstate a revoked IFTA license after all required returns are filed, all IFTA account outstanding liabilities are paid, and an IFTA Registration Application (DR 7119) is approved. You may be required to post a surety bond in the amount of $3,000 after more than one revocation.

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