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International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) | Application Process



The the following criteria must be met in order to obtain an International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) credential:

  • You operate a qualified motor vehicle and Colorado must be your base jurisdiction.
  • You have a valid business registration with the Colorado Secretary of State.
  • Your vehicle must have a valid Colorado registration - either International Registration Plan (IRP) or a county registration. A temporary county registration is not eligible. The name and Federal Tax ID Number on the IFTA application must match the registrant information for the registered vehicle.
  • You cannot be out of compliance with the IFTA program for another state or Canadian Province.
  • You cannot owe the Department IFTA taxes or returns.

How to Apply

If you cannot see the video above, click here to view it on YouTube.

Complete the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Application (DR 7119) in its entirety, including copies of proof of good standing with the Secretary of State, Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) provided by IRS, and copy of valid vehicle registration. Retain a photocopy of the completed form for your records.

If you have a lease agreement in effect, the lessee is responsible for filing the IFTA Application. The lessee is responsible for requesting the decals, as well. Both the lessor and the lessee must complete the IFTA Lease Agreement Certificate (DR 7511) and provide a copy of the lessor’s vehicle registration.

If an applicant is an individual with or without a trade name, a Social Security Number (SSN) is required as well as a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).

As the base jurisdiction, Colorado will issue one IFTA license to the qualified applicant. The IFTA license is valid for the current calendar year and expires December 31st.

The applicant is required to make copies of the IFTA license, so that one copy can be carried in each qualified motor vehicle. A vehicle will not be considered operating under IFTA unless there is a copy of the license in the vehicle.

Failure to display decal or copy of the IFTA license may result in the vehicle operator being required to purchase a Trip Permit. Carriers may obtain a Trip Permit at any Colorado Port of Entry.


How to Submit Your Completed Application

The completed license application can be submitted in one of the following ways. The following methods of submitting applications without compliance issues will be processed within 5 business days after receipt.

By Email 

Email your application to the Fuel Tax Unit at

By Mail

Colorado Department of Revenue
Fuel Tax Unit, Room 200
P.O. Box 17087
Denver, CO 80217-0087

Web Message via Revenue Online 

If you are applying to reopen your account, then you can send a secure message through your Revenue Online account to reapply for an IFTA account.

In Person 

During IRP registration a carrier may also apply for new IFTA credentials at the DMV office located at 1881 Pierce Street in Lakewood by letting the technician know that they need a IFTA Decal or License (and have a completed application). Technicians will forward requests to IFTA for processing.