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Send a Secure Message in Revenue Online

What is a Secure Message?

Secure messaging is one of the ways you may contact the Taxation Division for assistance. It allows for secure sharing of your information. It is not a chat or instant messaging function. Secure messages are sent via Revenue Online and are answered in the order in which they are received. Please allow 4-6 weeks for a response to your secure message. If you need assistance more quickly, please call the Taxpayer Helpline at (303) 238-7378.

1. Create a Login ID and Password

Before you can send a secure message, you need to have an account in Revenue Online. If you have not set one up, go to Revenue Online and set up an account. For instructions on how to set up an account, visit the Account Help web page and select the account type you are setting up. 

2. Log In and Create a Message

After logging in with your Login ID and Password, click "More."

Secure Message Step 2

3. Locate the "Send a Message" Option

In the Correspondence box, click "Send a Message." 

Secure Message Step 3

4. Select the Account You Are Discussing in Your Message

In the "Account" field, select the tax account your message is about.

Secure Message Step 4

5. Select the Filing Period

In the "Filing Period" field, indicate which filing period that relates to this message.

Secure Message Step 5

6. Select the Reason for Your Message

Select the message type that corresponds with your situation or inquiry.

Secure Message Step 6

7. Enter a Subject for Your Message

In the "Subject" field, enter a title for your message.



Secure Message Step 7

8. Type Your Message

In the "Message" field, enter a detailed description of the reason for your message. 

Secure Message Step 8

9. Add Attachments (Optional)

At the bottom of the screen, there is an option to upload attachments by clicking the "Add" hyperlink. Click that link and attach any supporting documents. 

Secure Message Step 9

10. Click "Submit" to Send Your Secure Message