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Sales & Use Tax | Forms & Instructions

Retail Sales Tax

CR 0100AP- Business Application for Sales Tax Account
DR 0100 - Retail Sales Tax Return (Supplemental Instructions)
DR 0103 - State Service Fee Worksheet
DR 0154 - Sales Tax Return for Occasional Sales
DR 0155 - Sales Tax Return for Unpaid Tax from the Sale of a Business
DR 0235 - Request for Vending Machine Decals
DR 0594 - Renewal Application for Sales Tax License
DR 1290 - Certification of Registered Marketplace Facilitator
DR 1465 - Retail Food Establishment Computation Worksheet for Sales Tax Deduction for Gas and/or Electricity
Prior Year Sales Tax Forms
  • DR 0100 - Retail Sales Tax Return

Local Jurisdiction Sales Tax

DR 0200 - Special District Sales Tax Return Supplement
DR 0800 - Location/Jurisdiction Codes for Sales Tax Filing
DR 1002 - Colorado Sales and Use Tax Rates
DR 1485 - County Lodging Tax Return
DR 1490 - Local Marketing District Tax Return
Prior Year Local Jurisdiction Sales Tax Forms

Special Event Sales Tax

DR 0098- Special Event Sales Tax Return
DR 0589 - Sales Tax Special Event Application
DR 0593 - Application for Renewal of Multiple Event Sales Tax License

Claim for Refund

DR 0137 - Claim for Refund
DR 0137B - Claim for Refund of Tax Paid to Vendors
DR 0137C - Sales and Use Tax Refund for Broadband Equipment

Sales Tax Exemption, Non-Profits & Government

DR 0172 - Contractor Application for Exemption Certificate
DR 0511 - Affidavit for Colorado Sales Tax Exemption for Farm Equipment
DR 0563 - Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Multi-jurisdiction
DR 0715 - Application for Sales Tax Exemption for Colorado Organizations
DR 0716 - Statement of Nonprofit Church, Synagogue, or Organization
DR 1191 - Sales Tax Exemption on Purchases of Machinery and Machine Tools
DR 1192 - Colorado Machinery and Machine Tools State Sales Tax Exemption Declaration
DR 1240 - Certification for Sales Tax Exemption on Pine or Spruce Beetle Wood
DR 1260 - Sales Tax Exempt Certificate Electricity & Gas for Domestic Consumption
DR 1367 - Affidavit of Sales Paid by Government Credit Card
DR 1666 - Sales Tax Exempt Certificate Electricity & Gas for Industrial Use
DR 5002 - Standard Colorado Affidavit of Exempt Sale

Motor Vehicle Sales Tax

DR 0024 - Standard Sales Tax Receipt for Vehicle Sales
DR 0024N - Instructions for Standard Sales Tax Receipt for Vehicle Sales
DR 0026 - Tax Statement for Leased Motor Vehicle
DR 0026N - Tax Statement for Leased Motor Vehicle Instructions
DR 0070 - Statement of Purchase Price of Motor Vehicle
DR 0440 - Lessor Registration for Sales Tax Collection
DR 0780 - Statement of Colorado Sales Tax Exemption for Motor Vehicle Purchase
DR 1777 - Vehicle Daily Rental Fee Return

Interstate Commerce & Heavy Weight Vehicles

DR 0201 - Overweight Vehicle Refund
DR 0202 - State Sales Tax Refund for Vehicles Used in Interstate Commerce
DR 1369 - Colorado State Sales &, Use Tax Exemption for Low-Emitting Heavy Vehicles Affidavit

Use Tax

DR 0173 - Retailer's Use Tax Return
DR 0251 - RTA Consumer Use Tax Return
DR 0252 - Consumer Use Tax Return
DR 0104US - Consumer Use Tax Reporting Schedule

Helpful Tax Forms

DR 0096 - Request for Tax Status Letter
DR 0145 - Tax Information Designation and Power of Attorney for Representation
DR 1102 - Address Change or Business Closure Form
DR 5714 - Request for Copy of Tax Returns
DR 5782 - Colorado Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Program for Tax Payments Information
DR 5785 - Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Account Setup Form for Tax Payments
Please be aware fillable PDFs are for your convenience and must be printed prior to closing out the document, as changes will not be saved in the PDF. If you are looking for a Colorado sales or use tax form that is not listed on this page, please email