Sales Tax Rate Changes

This web page contains changes to existing sales or use tax rates. This page does not contain all tax rates for a business location. To find all applicable sales or use tax rates for a specific business location or local government, visit the How to Look Up Sales & Use Tax Rates web page.

Sales & Use Tax Rate Changes Effective July 1, 2022

Updated: July 11, 2022

State Administered Jurisdictions

Retail Delivery Fee (RDF)

Effective July 1, 2022: Retailers that make deliveries must collect and remit a $0.27 retail delivery fee for each sale of taxable tangible personal property delivered by motor vehicle to a location in Colorado. Download and file the Retail Delivery Fee Return (DR 1786) to register a Retail Delivery Fee account. For more information go to

City Tax

Jurisdiction Tax Rate Exempt* Use Tax Service Fee
(Sales and Use Tax Increase)
3% A-B-C-E-K 3% Y-Z
(New Tax Jurisdiction)
1% A-B-C-D-E-G-H-K-L-M-O-P-Q-R 1% Y-Z None
La Junta
3% D-E-M 3% 3%


County Tax

Jurisdiction Tax Rate Exempt* Use Tax Service Fee
(Exemption Added)
2% E 2% Y-Z
(Exemption Added)
3% A-D-E-H 3%



Special District Tax

Jurisdiction Tax Rate Exempt* Use Tax Service Fee
Delta County Memorial Health Service District
(New Tax Jurisdiction)
0.80% A-B-C-D-E-G-H-K-L-M-O-P-R None


Exemptions and Other Notations

  • *A = Food for home consumption
  • *B = Machinery and machine tools (as defined on form DR 1191)
  • *C = Gas, electricity, etc. for residential use
  • *D = Occasional sales for charitable organizations
  • *E = Farm equipment
  • *G = Food sold through vending machines
  • *H = Low-emitting vehicles (over 10,000 lbs.)
  • *K = Renewable energy components
  • *L = Beetle wood products
  • *M = School-related sales
  • *O = Property used in space flight
  • *P = Machinery or machine tools equipment used for processing recovered materials per business list on Public Health & Environment
  • *Q = Sales on retail and retail marijuana products
  • *R = Manufactured homes (HB18-1315)
  • *Y = Motor vehicles
  • *Z = Building materials


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