Close Sales Tax Account

When a business or a location (site) closes, you can ensure the business closes in good standing with the Colorado Department of Revenue and does not receive non-filer notices. Any taxes the business is expected to remit must be paid or returns with "zero" tax due must be filed. The Department of Revenue must be notified on the final return that the business is closing. Include the effective date of closure (the last day of business).

The Department will then close the tax account for the entire business or for a specific location/site. Businesses can close the account or site through Revenue Online. Businesses can also file the Account Change or Closure Form (DR 1102) to close the account or site. Send the request to the address on the form.

When a business closes or when one of the business's multiple locations closes, the business must immediately notify the Department of the closure to avoid receiving non-filer notices. The closure request should be submitted no later than 30 days after close of business.

NOTE: The paper DR 1102 takes longer to process. Revenue Online closures are effective the next business day.