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Revenue Online Payment Help

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I request a payment plan in Revenue Online for my business taxes?

Certain users can request payment plans for past due amounts on their account within Revenue Online. However, businesses should contact the Compliance Section to request an installment agreement

If the Department is already taking action to collect outstanding debts, such as sending the amount to collections, you may be unable to setup a payment plan. If the amount due is less than $50 or results in two months of installments, you must pay the tax and cannot set up a payment plan for that amount. Contact the Collections Section for more information.

For instructions on how to request a payment plan in Revenue Online, visit the Request a Payment Plan web page.



2. Did my online payment go through?

If you are making a payment (by Credit Card or E-Check) and you are unsure if your payment went though because you did not receive a confirmation number, please do not make a duplicate payment. If you submit a second payment, it will process twice. Sometimes, the confirmation number screen may not display.

If you are unsure if your payment went through, you can contact us or log into your Revenue Online account to send a secure message. The payment will appear in a few business days.


3. What is in "manage payments and returns"?

This option lists your payment history for the accounts that you have access to on Revenue Online. If a payment is transferred to another tax type in your account (for example, from individual income tax to sales tax), that payment will not appear under your individual income tax.


4. How do I file a protest in Revenue Online?

By submitting a protest online, you do not need to mail a protest. Please include all documentation online with the protest. Files are limited to 5MB each, and users can submit up to 5 documents for each file type listed in the drop down menu. Users can upload files with the following extensions only: .pdf, .tif, .jpg, .xls, .xlsx. Protests are worked in the order they are received.

Up to 5 protests may be filed on a single Letter ID. The letter ID is located in the upper right corner of any correspondence that you get from the Department of Revenue. For married and filing jointly, protests may only be made by the primary filer, usually the first person listed on your return.

Simply submitting a protest request does not immediately stop activity on your account (ex. penalty and interest, collection, etc.). For more information, visit the Protest Rights web page.