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Need to update your address or name?


Change Income Tax Account Address

To instantly update your mailing address for the purpose of receiving correspondence and/or a refund, follow these steps using Revenue Online:

  1. Log in to your Revenue Online account
  2. Select the "More..." tab
  3. Click "Manage Names & Addresses" in the "Name & Addresses" box
  4. Select the "Addresses" tab
  5. Click "Change" (if this is the first time you have added an address, click "Add")
  6. Follow the steps to change your mailing address
  7. Click "Submit"

Please note that you must have Full Access to see/use the Manage Names & Addresses option. If you feel your user access is not set up correctly, please reach out to your main account manager to complete these actions or to have them contact us to have your address level updated. If you are the only user on the account and the access level is not correct, please call Taxpayer Services at 303-238-7378.

If you do not have a Revenue Online account and you need to update your mailing address for the purpose of receiving a letter ID OR to change your legal name or the physical address of your business, please submit an Address or Name Change form (DR 1102). Please allow up to three weeks for the change to be reflected on your account.

Change Sales Tax Account Address

Sales tax license mailing address changes may be completed through Revenue Online or with the Address Change Form (DR 1102).

Physical location address changes cannot be done in Revenue Online, because the change may impact the tax jurisdiction and sales tax rates, so the Department wants to ensure the proper jurisdictions are included for the business location or site.

For physical address location/site changes, send an email request to or send a completed Address Change Form (DR 1102) via USPS First Class mail to the following address.

Colorado Department of Revenue
Taxpayer Service Center
PO Box 17087
Denver, CO 80217-0087

Be sure to include your 12-digit Colorado Account Number (CAN), the location address change effective date, and your name and contact information.