Sales Tax Spreadsheet E-Filing

Information for New Spreadsheet Filers

The Department allows retailers with two or more sites (locations) to file state-administered sales tax electronically using an approved Microsoft Excel spreadsheet if you do not already use an Approved Sales Tax Software Vendor. This spreadsheet service is available as part of Revenue Online.

After approval, spreadsheets must be uploaded through Revenue Online. A filled out sample spreadsheet (see guide below) must be reviewed and approved by the Department before a business can file using spreadsheets. Please send completed sample spreadsheets to

Spreadsheet Filing Handbook

For instructions on how to become an approved filer, review the Spreadsheet Filing Handbook.

Changes for 2023

Tax Rate and Service Fee Worksheet Changes

Due to Tax Rate and Service Fee Worksheet Changes, please use Spreadsheet Template: January-June 2023

Changes for 2022

Service Fee Worksheet Changes

Due to Service Fee Worksheet changes, please use Spreadsheet Template: July-December 2022.

There is not an Update file for this period, due to the Service Fee Worksheet Changes.

Changes for 2021

Rate Changes

Please use the file listed below to update your spreadsheet with the 2021 rate changes. For more information, visit the Sales Tax Rate Changes web page.

Sales Tax Spreadsheet Updates January-June 2021 

Sales Tax Spreadsheet Updates July-December 2021

How to File Using an E-File Spreadsheet

How to Add Location Account Numbers