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Retail Delivery Fee Accounts

Account Registration and Closure


Any retailer that is required to collect the fee must register a Retail Delivery Fee account with the Department of Revenue. The Retail Delivery Fee account is a separate account from the retailer’s Sales Tax account.

Account Registration for Existing Logins

  • To Register Using Revenue Online
    • Go to Revenue Online and log in.
    • Go to the “More” tab.
    • Then in the “Additional Actions” panel, click on the “Add Retail Delivery Fee Account” link.
      • If you do not see this link, you may have been automatically registered for an account. See our Account & Access Management FAQ page for additional information.
  • To Register Using the return, DR 1786
    • Complete and file the Retail Delivery Fee Return, form DR 1786, to register a Retail Delivery Fee account for you.

Account Registration for Logins 

New logins can be registered on Revenue Online by clicking Sign Up under the username and password fields. You will need your account information and a Letter ID in order to proceed. If you do not have a Letter ID, one can be requested on Revenue Online by navigating to “Additional Services” and selecting “Request a Letter ID”.

Adding Access to an Existing Username

For information on how to add access to your Retail Delivery Fee account to an existing login, see our Account & Access Management FAQ page.

Closing An Account

To close your Retail Delivery Fee account, click the "Additional Actions" link from your Retail Delivery Fee account on Revenue Online, click the "Cease Account" link and enter the closure date. Retailers are required to file returns through the closure date of the account.