Please remember that you must claim the state sales tax refund (TABOR refund) when filing your state income tax return. If you claimed a 2023 refund, the TABOR refund will be combined and issued out with your refund. Unlike the 2022 Colorado cashback, no separate check will be issued. 


Pay Online by Credit/Debit Card or E-Check


How to Make a Payment Using Revenue Online

Before submitting a payment by credit/debit card or e-check, be sure to visit the Tax Payment Options web page to verify whether you can use this payment method for the tax type you wish to pay. To submit payment using a credit card, debit card or e-check, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by accessing Revenue Online. You do not need to log in to make a payment.
  2. Locate the “Payment Options” box on the Revenue Online homepage.
  3. Click “Make a Payment.” 
  4. Read the information about the various service fees and processing timelines before selecting a payment option.
  5. Select either  “Debit or Credit Card” or “E-Check.” 
    • Note: The steps for each option are the same after this point. 
  6. Fill in the boxes for each of the steps below: 
    • Step 1: Enter Taxpayer Information
    • Step 2: Click “Add/Edit Payment”
      1. In the pop-up window, click “Add Payment.”
      2. Complete each field:
        • Account Type - Most will select Individual Income Tax. If you do not see your specific account type, you may be required to sign in to make a payment.
        • ID Type - use your Colorado Account Number (CAN), Social Security Number (SSN), or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), OR
        • ID Number - Enter the digits of the identification number (no slashes or dashes)
        • Filing Period - For Individuals, enter December 31st and the year for which you owe. For example, if you are paying your Individual Income Tax for 2020, enter 12/31/2020. Otherwise, enter the period end date as required for your specific tax-type.
        • Payment Type - Most will select "Bill Payment." However, select the option that best fits why you are paying (e.g. Estimated Payment, Return Payment, etc.).
        • Amount - Enter the dollar amount (excluding processing fees) that you are paying.
      3. Click “Add” and then click “OK” in the summary window.
  7. Click the “Pay Online” button to be redirected to the Secured Online Payment Process.
  8. Follow the prompts to enter your credit/debit card information or complete the electronic check.

Additional Payment Assistance

If you need additional assistance submitting a payment through Revenue Online, visit the Revenue Online Payment Help web page for more information.

You can also visit the Denver Metro Taxpayer Service Center to make a payment using a credit/debit card. Please make a "Taxpayer Service" appointment prior to your visit and be sure to enter through Entrance B.