The Department of Revenue is processing 2023 income tax returns. For more information, please read the Department's announcement.


Individual Income Tax Accepted Software

Taxpayers and tax practitioners are encouraged to file all tax returns either through an accepted tax software product or via Revenue Online. The Department maintains a list of accepted software for individual income tax. The list shows supported tax software by developer name, software name and website address.

View the Accepted Software List to verify whether a software product is approved to process Individual Income Tax Returns for the current tax year. For the upcoming tax year, the list is updated as software is approved (typically by the third week of January).

Some software products allow the submission of Colorado individual estimated payments using form DR 0104EP and extension payments using form DR 0158-I. For estimated payments, up to four payments can be scheduled at once, but the last payment must be scheduled by the January estimated payment due date. Your software provider can tell you if they support estimated payments and extension payments for Colorado.