Please remember that you must claim the state sales tax refund (TABOR refund) when filing your state income tax return. If you claimed a 2023 refund, the TABOR refund will be combined and issued out with your refund. Unlike the 2022 Colorado cashback, no separate check will be issued. 


File Individual Income Tax Online

First, complete the federal income tax return you will file with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). You will use numbers from your federal return on your Colorado income tax return.

  • Revenue Online: You may use the Colorado Department of Revenue's free e-file and account service Revenue Online to file your state income tax. You do not need to login to Revenue Online to File a Return. After you file, you have the option of setting up a Login ID and Password to view your income tax account in Revenue Online.
  • You may opt to e-file through a paid tax professional or purchase tax software to complete and file returns.

Tax Professionals:

Individual Income Tax Services in Revenue Online

Login Required

  • Amend individual income tax returns
  • View 1099-Gs (issued by the Colorado Department of Revenue)
  • View payment history
  • View account balances
  • View letters from the Department
  • Update your account mailing address
  • Set up Third Party access to your tax account (Instructions)

No Login Required

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How To Set Up Your Revenue Online Account 

How to Make a Payment Using Revenue Online


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