Fiduciary Income Tax Guidance Publications

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529 Employer Contribution Credit - Income Tax Topics
Alternative Transportation Options Credit - Income Tax Topics
Capital Gain Subtraction - Income Tax Topics

Child Care Contribution Credit - FYI Income 35

Check these lists for Accepted Licensed Child Care Centers and Accepted Unlicensed  Child Care Centers sorted by city or by name. Grandfathered Unlicensed Facilities or Programs are found at the end of the lists by city or name.

Colorado Works Program Credit - FYI Income 34
Conservation Easement Credit - Income Tax Topics
Contaminated Land Redevelopment Credit - FYI Income 42
Dual Resident Trust Credit - FYI Income 63
Enterprise Zone Contribution Credit - Income Tax Topics
Gross Conservation Easement Credit - FYI Income 39
Historic Property Preservation Income Tax Credit - FYI Income 1 (additional information can be found on the Income Tax Credits web page)
Innovative Motor Vehicle and Truck Credits for Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles - FYI Income 69
Innovative Truck Credits for Tax Years 2017 and Later - FYI Income 70
Investment Credits for Licensed Child Care Centers, Family Care Homes and Employers Providing Licensed Child Care Facilities - FYI Income 7
Nonresident Partners and Shareholders of Partnerships and S Corporations - FYI Income 54 (under review)
Penalties and Interest - General 11
School-to-Career Investment Credit - FYI Income 32
United States Government Interest - FYI Income 20