Geographic Information System (GIS) Information

Geographic Information System (GIS) Information

How Can the GIS Help You?

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What is a Geographic Information System?

The Geographic Information System (GIS) enables businesses to look up the specific sales tax rate for an individual address or map location. The GIS not only shows state sales tax information, but it also includes sales tax information for counties, municipalities, and special taxation districts. This system allows for a complete tax rate to be determined so the correct tax is collected from customers in real-time. 

Also, if your internal point of sale system supports it, the GIS information can be accessed through an Application Programming Interface (API).This API can automatically reference current tax information directly from the CDOR. Please note that the Department will need to verify that you have registered for an account for the Remittance Portal before using the API. Additionally, in some instances, the base map from Google cannot resolve some queries where, for example, “county road” is abbreviated as C.R. This issue is being investigated by Google Maps staff and should be resolved shortly.