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GIS API Information

What is a GIS API?

The new Geographic Information System (GIS) includes an API, which is short for "application programming interface." The API is a go-between that allows two systems to talk to one another. An API assists you in automating your point of sale (POS) system by automatically retrieving the most up-to-date sales tax rate calculation information from the GIS database for the transaction. For more information about the GIS, visit the GIS Information web page.

Integrate the GIS Using an API Key

How to Generate an API Key

In order to integrate the GIS sales tax rate data into your own internal point of sale system, you will need your own API key (sometimes called a token). The API key is a string of letters and numbers that will be unique to your business. 

The API key is generally for businesses that have their own custom, in-house, point-of-sale system. Please note that third-party, pre-packaged, point-of-sale systems generally do not allow API key customization. If you have any difficulties generating your unique API key, please email DOR_LocationFilers@state.co.us

The first step in obtaining your API key is to register for the Sales & Use Tax System (SUTS) at Colorado.gov/Revenue/SUTS. For information on how to register for SUTS, visit the SUTS Help web page. 

Once you have completed your SUTS registration, you can obtain your API key from the main SUTS homepage by following these steps:

  1. Log in to the Sales & Use Tax System (SUTS).
  2. Once you log in and are on your main homepage, look for the heading "Quick Links.'' 
  3. Then navigate to the button in the middle-right part of the page where they will see an icon with a key on it, labeled "Lookup API Key'' (see image below). 
  4. Click "Lookup API Key." After that, you will be directed to a new page. 
  5. The new page will have a dropdown menu in the window. On the dropdown menu, click your business name. 
  6. Your unique key will be immediately generated. You cannot generate a new key for your business. 

Developer Documentation

On the screen where you obtained your API key, you will find a section at the bottom for the API method information and documentation for a generalized point-of-sale system. Please note that the Department cannot advise businesses on their point-of-sale system programming or its features. If you were able to generate your API key, but are experiencing difficulty programming your point-of-sale system, please contact your service provider and/or developer for any additional assistance. Be sure to provide your developer with the API method information and documentation.

Screenshot of Sales and Use Tax System (SUTS) Homepage