The Department of Revenue is processing 2023 income tax returns. For more information, please read the Department's announcement.


2022 Income Tax Forms | Partnerships & S Corporations


Filing Forms

DR 0106 Book - Partnership and S Corporation Income Tax Booklet

DR 0106 - Partnership and S Corporation Income Tax Return (form only)

DR 0106CR - Colorado Pass-Through Entity Credit Schedule

DR 0106EP - 2022 Composite Nonresident Estimated Tax Payment Form

DR 0106K - Colorado K-1 (Submission Instructions) (Individual Partner and Shareholder Instructions For 2022 Colorado K-1, DR 0106K)

DR 0107 - Colorado Nonresident Partner or Shareholder Agreement

DR 0108 - Statement of Colorado Tax Remittance for Nonresident Partner or Shareholder

DR 0158-N - Extension of Time to File Composite Nonresident Income Tax Return

DR 0900P - Partnership and S Corporation Income Tax Payment Form

DR 8453P - This form has been discontinued. The DR 8454 replaces the DR 8453 P for tax year 2022 and forward. 

DR 8454 - Income Tax Declaration for Online Electronic Filing


Credit, Subtraction & Deduction Forms

Child Care Contribution

Contaminated Land Remediation

  • DR 0348 - Remediation of Contaminated Land Credit Transfer Schedule
  • DR 0349 - Remediation of Contaminated Land Credit Use Schedule

Enterprise Zones

  • DR 0078 - Application for Extended Enterprise Zone Tax Credits in Terminated Enterprise Zone Area
  • DR 0078A - Pass-Through Entity Enterprise Zone Credit Distribution Report
  • DR 1366 - Enterprise Zone Credit and Carryforward Schedule

Gross Conservation Easement

  • DR 1305 - Gross Conservation Easement Donor Schedule
  • DR 1305E - Gross Conservation Easement Credit Transfer Schedule
  • DR 1305F - Gross Conservation Easement Credit Pass-Through Schedule
  • DR 1305G - Gross Conservation Easement Credit Use Schedule

Innovative Motor Vehicle

Other Forms

  • DR 0113 - Rural Jump Start Zone Credit
  • DR 0289 - Employer Contributions to Employee 529 Qualified State Tuition Program
  • DR 0347 - Child Care Expenses Tax Credit
  • DR 0350 - First-Time Home Buyer Savings Account Interest Deduction
  • DR 0366 - Rural & Frontier Health Care Preceptor Credit
  • DR 0375 - Credit for Employer Paid Leave of Absence for Live Organ Donation Affidavit
  • DR 1316 - Colorado Source Capital Gain Subtraction Affidavit
  • DR 1330 - Strategic Capital Tax Credit and Carry Forward Schedule
  • DR 1705 - SALT Parity Act Election Form
  • DR 1706 - Annual Transmittal of DR 0106K - Colorado K-1 Forms

The forms on this page are fillable and savable (except the instruction booklets). Make sure you protect your personally identifiable information (PII). Do not save completed tax forms on a public device (e.g. at the library, school computer lab, shared work computer, etc.). For more information on identity theft prevention, visit the Tax Fraud Prevention web page.