Public Utilities Administration Fee

Section 40-2-111, C.R.S., requires form DR 0525 to be executed and verified by two of the executive officers of the utility making the return. When you e-file your return, you must attach form DR 0525 which includes the signatures of the executive officers who have executed and verified the return.

You may also file this form using Revenue Online. If you have an existing Revenue Online account, simply log into your account at, and select the "PUC" account hyperlinks to confirm your access.

If you are new to Revenue Online, set up your account by going to You will need to "Request a Letter ID" under "Additional Services." Enter the required information and you will receive your Letter ID in the mail in about a week. Once you receive your Letter ID, set up your account at by clicking "Create a Login ID." For more information on how to set up a Revenue Online account, visit the Help With Online Services web page.