2014 & Prior Tax Years | Partnership & S Corporation Income Tax Filing Forms

The forms listed below are only valid for tax years 2014 and prior. When filing for a prior year, be sure to only use the versions of forms that apply to that tax year, including forms for tax credits and subtractions.

Additionally, prior year forms cannot be used for the current tax year. If a form is listed below, but is not listed on the current tax year forms page, this means the form was discontinued, the filing procedures have changed, tax rules and regulations have changed, and/or the credit/subtraction is no longer available. 

Please be aware that some of the forms below are fillable PDF documents. They have been provided for your convenience. You may type your form entries using a computer instead of filling them out by hand or using a typewriter. These forms must be printed prior to closing out the document, as changes will not be saved in the PDF.

Income Tax Booklet (DR0106 Booklet)

Estimated Payment Form (DR0106EP)

Payment Form (DR0900P)

If you are looking for a prior year Colorado Partnership or S Corporation Form for a tax year that is not listed above, please visit the Business Income Tax Forms web page. If you need additional forms assistance, please email DOR_TaxInfoEmail@state.co.us.