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Historic Property Preservation Credit


The Historic Property Preservation credit (§39-22-514, C.R.S.) must be claimed on the DR 0104CR. The credit for the preservation of historic properties provided under section 39-22-514, C.R.S., is allowed for tax year 2019 per the December 2018 forecast from the Legislative Council Staff. The credit is allowed only for tax years beginning on or after January 1, 1991, but prior to January 1, 2020. Therefore, tax year 2019 will be the final year that the credit is allowed. For more information on this credit, review FYI Income 1 and see Conditional Availability below.


Conditional Availability

For tax years 2011 and thereafter, the availability of this credit is contingent upon the December legislative council revenue forecast issued prior to the tax year and that the general fund appropriation must grow 6% over the previous year.

  • 2011 - Not Available
  • 2012 - Not Available
  • 2013 - Available
  • 2014 - Available
  • 2015 - Available
  • 2016 - Not Available
  • 2017 - Not Available
  • 2018 - Available
  • 2019 - Available

If a credit is not allowed during a specific tax year due to insufficient revenue growth, the credit may be claimed during the next immediate tax year in which sufficient growth is anticipated and the credit is allowed. This conditional availability does not apply to a credit that was generated in a tax year prior to 2011 that is being carried forward because the credit exceeded the net tax liability.