File Special Event Sales Tax Online

Step-by-Step Instructions

Once your event is completed, you may file your Special Event Sales Tax Return. To file your special event return, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Revenue Online. You do not need to log in.
  2. Click “File a Special Event Sales Tax Return” in the “Sales and Use Tax” box. 
  3. For the “Special Event Date” select the timeframe for your event from the drop-down. 
  4. Important information will display on the screen. Be sure to review it before clicking “Continue."
  5. You will see a list of events that have already been added to Revenue Online. They are sorted by location. Online forms are not available for every special event.
  6. Review the list and click on the Event Name for your special event (if applicable) and click “Next” to continue.
    • You may also click on the words "Event Name" or "Start Date" to sort the list. 
    • Be sure to select the correct form for your event. 
    • The forms are custom-made for each special event and include the applicable state-administered tax rates. 
  7. If your event is not listed, select “Click here if the event you attended is not available” and click “Next” to continue. 
  8. Fill in all of the required information and follow all system prompts to file your return. 

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