Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) FAQs

1. How do I know if I’ve been affected by this change?

Only people who use the “PayConnexion ACH Debit” option on Revenue Online will be affected. To view a list of payment options, please visit Revenue Online’s “Make a Payment” webpage.

2. Why make the change?

PayConnexion is being sunset by its developer. Though we sympathize with Coloradans who used this service, the sunsetting of PayConnexion saves about $150,000 annually money and increases payment security by eliminating the vendor which acted as a middleman, sending payments to the Department of Revenue.

3. How do I make payments through Revenue Online?

You can make a payment through Revenue Online by logging into your ROL account or using other options on the Make a Payment webpage.

4. How do I switch to Revenue Online?

After 4 p.m. June 29, PayConnexion will not be available. You will need to go to Revenue Online to make a payment by direct debit, which will require a user logon. You will see an option to login, or sign up. It is advised to allow 48 hours prior to the payment due date to create your user name and password. 

5. What do I do about my payments that are already scheduled?

Payments that were scheduled with requested effective dates beyond June 29 through PayConnexion will have to be resubmitted through Revenue Online.

6. Can payments be scheduled in advance through Revenue Online direct debit?

Payments can be scheduled with future effective dates through this method. 

7. How do I find the history of past payments?

Prior payment history is available, regardless of the payment type, through your Revenue Online account. 

8. How will this impact the ACH credit?

This will not impact ACH credit payments. Currently assigned EFT numbers can still be used as an “identifier” to direct your payment, but you can also use your SSN, FEIN or Colorado Account Number as an identifier for ACH credit payments. 

9. Do I still need to use my EFT number in Revenue Online?

An EFT number is not necessary to make Revenue Online direct debit payments.