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2022 Income Tax Forms | Fiduciaries, Estates, & Trusts


Filing Forms

DR 0105 Book - Colorado Fiduciary Income Tax Filing Booklet

DR 0105 - Colorado Fiduciary Income Tax Return (form only)

DR 0158-F - Estate/Trust Extension of Time for Filing

DR 0253 - Income Tax Closing Agreement

DR 0900F - Fiduciary Income Payment Form

DR 1210 - Colorado Estate Tax Return

DR 8453F - This form has been discontinued. The DR 8454 replaces the DR 8453 F for tax year 2022 and forward. 

DR 8454 - Income Tax Declaration for Online Electronic Filing


Estimated Payment Forms 

DR 0105EP - Estate/Trust Estimated Tax Payment Form

DR 0104BEP- Colorado Nonresident Beneficiary Estimated Income Tax Payment Form

Credit, Subtraction, & Deduction Forms

Child Care Contribution

Contaminated Land Remediation

  • DR 0348 - Remediation of Contaminated Land Credit Transfer Schedule
  • DR 0349 - Remediation of Contaminated Land Credit Use Schedule

Enterprise Zones

  • DR 0078 - Application for Extended Enterprise Zone Tax Credits in Terminated Enterprise Zone Area
  • DR 0078A - Pass-Through Entity Enterprise Zone Credit Distribution Report
  • DR 1366 - Enterprise Zone Credit and Carryforward Schedule

Gross Conservation Easement

  • DR 1305 - Gross Conservation Easement Donor Schedule
  • DR 1305E - Gross Conservation Easement Credit Transfer Schedule
  • DR 1305F - Gross Conservation Easement Credit Pass-Through Schedule
  • DR 1305G - Gross Conservation Easement Credit Use Schedule

Innovative Motor Vehicle

Other Forms

  • DR 0113 - Rural Jump Start Zone Credit
  • DR 0289 - Employer Contributions to Employee 529 Qualified State Tuition Program
  • DR 0347 - Child Care Expenses Tax Credit
  • DR 0350 - First-Time Home Buyer Savings Account Interest Deduction
  • DR 0366 (2023) - Rural & Frontier Health Care Preceptor Credit
  • DR 0366 (2022) - Rural & Frontier Health Care Preceptor Credit
  • DR 0375 - Credit for Employer Paid Leave of Absence for Live Organ Donation Affidavit
  • DR 1316 - Colorado Source Capital Gain Subtraction Affidavit
  • DR 1330 - Strategic Capital Tax Credit and Carry Forward Schedule

The forms on this page are fillable and savable (except the instruction booklets). Make sure you protect your personally identifiable information (PII). Do not save completed tax forms on a public device (e.g. at the library, school computer lab, shared work computer, etc.). For more information on identity theft prevention, visit