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2018 Income Tax Forms | C Corporations


About Prior Year Forms

The forms listed below are only valid for the 2018 tax year. When filing for a prior year, be sure to only use the versions of forms that apply to that tax year, including forms for tax credits and subtractions.

Additionally, prior year forms cannot be used for the current tax year. If a form is listed below, but is not listed on the current tax year forms page, this means the form was discontinued, the filing procedures have changed, tax rules and regulations have changed, and/or the credit/subtraction is no longer available. 

Please be aware that some of the forms below are fillable PDF documents. They have been provided for your convenience. You may type your form entries using a computer instead of filling them out by hand or using a typewriter. These forms must be printed prior to closing out the document, as changes will not be saved in the PDF. 


Filing Forms

DR 0112 Book - C Corporation Income Tax Booklet

  • Contains: DR 0112, DR 0112CR, DR 0112SF, DR 0112 Schedule C, DR 0158C, and DR 0900C

DR 0112 - C Corporation Income Tax Return (form only)

DR 0112CR - Credit Schedule for Corporations

DR 0112EP  - Corporate Estimated Income Tax Worksheet

DR 0112SF - Receipts Factor Apportionment Schedule

  • Note: DR 0112SF was discontinued in 2018 and replaced with the DR 0112RF for 2019

DR 0112X - Amended Return for C Corporations

DR 0158C - Extension of Time for Filing a Colorado C Corporation Income Tax Return

DR 0205 - Tax Year Ending Computation of Penalty Due Based on Underpayment of Colorado Corporate Estimated Tax

DR 0900C - C Corporation Income Tax Payment Form

DR 8453C - Corporate Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing


Credit, Subtraction, & Deduction Forms

Child Care Contribution
Contaminated Land Remediation
  • DR 0348 - Remediation of Contaminated Land Credit Transfer Schedule
  • DR 0349 - Remediation of Contaminated Land Credit Use Schedule
Enterprise Zones
  • DR 0075 - Certification of Qualified Enterprise Zone Contribution
  • DR 0076 - Certification of Qualified Nature of Enterprise Zone Rehabilitation Expenditures
  • DR 0077 - Certification of Qualified Enterprise Zone Research & Development Expenditures
  • DR 0078 - Application for Extended Enterprise Zone Tax Credits in Terminated Enterprise Zone Area
  • DR 0078A - Pass-Through Entity Enterprise Zone Credit Distribution Report
  • DR 1366 - Enterprise Zone Credit and Carryforward Schedule
Gross Conservation Easement
  • DR 1305 - Gross Conservation Easement Donor Schedule
  • DR 1305E - Gross Conservation Easement Credit Transfer Schedule
  • DR 1305F - Gross Conservation Easement Credit Pass-Through Schedule
  • DR 1305G - Gross Conservation Easement Credit Use Schedule
Innovative Motor Vehicle
Other Forms
  • DR 0113 - Rural Jump Start Zone Credit
  • DR 0347 - Child Care Expenses Tax Credit
  • DR 0350 - First-Time Home Buyer Savings Account Interest Deduction
  • DR 0366 - Rural & Frontier Health Care Preceptor Credit
  • DR 1316 - Colorado Source Capital Gain Subtraction Affidavit