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What is COFTS?

Setting Up Fuel Tracking System

Upon processing of the fuel distributor license application packet, the department will forward the COFTS Electronic Trading Partner Agreement to the COFTS Fuel Tracking Center. They will process the request and send an email to the taxpayer. An electronic signature will be provided by COFTS along with a login and password, if none were requested on the trading partner agreement by the taxpayer.

Sending Updates on Reporting Changes

An email alert will be sent to the email contacts under the taxpayer's COFTS login settings. Also, a PDF version of the letter will be available on the COFTS website under newsletters.

New Rates

Once the alert is sent to all taxpayers, COFTS will update the XLS spreadsheet templates and the web entry form. Once the updated XLS templates are provided by COFTS, the taxpayer needs to enter a tax period on the return to calculate the correct tax rate and the correct ERS fee.

On-Time Fuel Reports

Once your return has been received, you will then be sent either an accepted or rejected email from the automated system. An "Accepted result indicates your return is being processed, as there are additional error checks which are performed on files once they are processed by the fuel tracking system. Always verify that you receive an "Accepted" email from the COFTS system for the correct tax period. If you do not receive an "Accepted" notice within an hour, you may also verify your file was accepted by logging into your account at www.cofts.com.

All past filings for your entity are available online. Only those files that are received AND accepted by the COFTS system will be posted to your account. If you do not see the file was posted to your account, please contact the COFTS helpdesk for further assistance at (844) 673-9372 or HelpDesk@cofts.com. Your filing must be "Accepted" by the due date to be considered filed on time."

Accepted Tax Returns

Once a taxpayer submits the return to COFTS, an acknowledgment email informing the taxpayer whether the return was accepted or rejected will be sent. If the file is rejected, the email will notify the taxpayer of the reason why. It is the taxpayer's responsibility to verify the correct email is reported under the acknowledgment section. In addition, the taxpayer must ensure the acknowledgment email from COFTS does not go to junk or spam mail.

Rejected Tax Returns

Two reasons why returns can be rejected include taxpayers not using the current version of the XLS template or reporting activities for which they are not licensed.

Recipients When A Report Is Rejected

Only the email listed under the acknowledgment section on the taxpayer's settings will receive notification in case a filing is rejected. Only one recipient can be notified by COFTS. If a taxpayer needs multiple recipients, they may set their email address to allow automatic forwarding to other email addresses.

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