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IRS Dirty Dozen

Scam Sign

The IRS has released their yearly Dirty Dozen list, warning taxpayers of the most common tax scams in 2023. 

IRS Dirty Dozen Information

2020 Unemployment Compensation Exclusion

Family Under Unemployment Insurance Umbrella

View our most recent publication to read more about the 2020 Unemployment Compensation Exclusion

2020 Unemployment Compensation Exclusion Information

Income Qualified Senior Housing Income Tax Credit

Three individuals working on one tax credit form at desk

See if you qualify for the Senior Housing Income Tax Credit

Senior Housing Income Tax Credit Information

Colorado Child Tax Credit

Image of child painted handprints on poster paper in classroom.

New in 2023: A Child Tax Credit for Coloradans

Colorado Child Tax Credit Information

Rulemaking Announcements

March 27, 2023
On March 24, 2023, the Colorado Department of Revenue, Division of Taxation, adopted two sales and use tax rules for perio
February 24, 2023
The Colorado Department of Revenue, Division of Taxation, is seeking input from the public regarding a draft of the following new rule. The Department has prepared the draft to aid in the process of soliciting public comments.

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